Is YOUR Big Data All in One Place?

InvestCloud Solutions’ world leading platform provides asset managers an in-memory database (called Interactive Data Repository) for firm’s Big Data storage, and a cloud-based portal enabling a complete and transparent view into their world – anywhere, any time.
Historically the approach has been to build SQL databases, such as our engineers have previously implemented at some of the top tier securities firms.  Today, however, Big Data is better in non-SQL, in-memory, repositories.  This is to meet new challenging requirements for scalability, speed and volume of data.
“Having your data in one place enable’s faster, more reliable decision making and better overall management of client’s portfolios,” said InvestCloud Head of Product, Michael Smith. “This is our core strength.” 
InvestCloud Solutions’ key differentiators are 1) the transaction editor, InvestCloud’s proprietary toolset for rapidly aggregating data and building portal applications to access the Big Data, and 2) providing the in-memory interactive data repository (IDR) that safely stores the Big Data. 
“Most of the technology providers popping up today are missing either one or other of these two key capabilities.” Claims InvestCloud President, Colin Close.  “You cannot have a complete and effective solution without both pieces.”
“We have built this in our previous companies,“ states CEO and serial entrepreneur John Wise.  “We have built the infrastructure for Tier 1 firms including HSBC, Aberdeen Asset Management, Citibank,…we’ve leveraged our experience and knowledge utilizing the latest technology.  The benefit is that firms can focus on their core strengths and competencies.”
InvestCloud has 2 solution offerings – 1) a pre-wired solution utilizing the gold standard industry systems, such as Advent Geneva, Eze Castle, and StatPro, or 2) the ability to integrate the firm’s existing legacy systems into the IDR. 
“At the end of the day, firms either struggle with their infrastructure and need an overhaul of their existing expensive enterprise architecture,” says InvestCloud President Colin Close, “or they have found operations (and systems) that work well for their organization but want to reduce the high cost of maintaining the infrastructure.  Moving to the Cloud is an alternative to firms continually investing in legacy systems and customizing the solutions.  InvestCloud offers tremendous flexibility.”
John Wise is a serial entrepreneur in the securities industry.  John & Coiin previously founded a EAI company, followed by a data warehousing/client reporting company, both focused in the securities industry. John was nominated as “2011 Person of the Year” in the securities industry.
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