InvestCloud’s “Mirroring” Approach enables Smooth Adoption to Platform

InvestCloud’s “Mirroring” Approach enables Smooth Adoption to Platform.

InvestCloud’s key design concept is to make our product as intuitive and understandable as possible so that the user has an incredible experience. InvestCloud applies a mirroring approach in implementation to reduce training requirements and increase the efficiency of the overall on-boarding process.
What is Mirroring?  InvestCloud’s implementation team mirrors a new client’s existing report(s), screens, or dashboard to speed up the adoption onto the platform.  Then, the user can add on demand the new feature/function aspects at their pace, ensuring a thorough and efficient understanding of the new platform.
“When implementing a new platform, one of the key concerns is always around training,” says Will Bailey, Head of Product for InvestCloud. “Mirroring, or creating a similar environment the user is already familiar with, enables each individual user to adopt the new features at their own pace, thereby creating a good experience.”
How is Mirroring possible?  One of InvestCloud’s differentiators is the approach of writing programs that write programs. InvestCloud’s generator allows the team to easily mirror any system, as the user interface is dynamic and generated like the rest of InvestCloud’s solutions (ie. to support 10 similar versions of the same applet requires no change to code and no support overhead).
“InvestCloud is an innovation company, rethinking how and what is required by the financial industry.  Cloud is the obvious replacement of enterprise deployment, “states Michael Smith, COO of InvestCloud. “Programs that write programs is a faster and more efficient approach than having thousands of on and offshore programmers.”
When Mirroring is applied. Mirroring is used during the training and implementation phase. InvestCloud’s Interactive Storyboarding allows for the combination of InvestCloud’s standard financial applets and mirrored applets (views and/or reports) geared to various users to minimize learning and ensure evolution versus revolution.  The key is to ensure the data and action buttons are similar to the user’s current environment, relative to look and feel, and that the action of the button also results in similar functionality.  New functionality is unobtrusive to the older solution and is available on demand, when the user is ready.  Thus, new structures, which improve their work or reduce the amount of time completing a task, can be hidden until the user wishes to “functionally adopt” them.
Why Mirroring is better. The massive benefit in mirroring is that the flexibility empowers users evolve to the new platform at their own pace. One user might start with an environment similar to their old one, while others can start day one with something completely new. 
“InvestCloud’s team understands implementation and the need to carry users into the future, rather than be stuck on old technology,” adds Bailey. “The mirroring approach adds flexibility to the user training experience, thereby ensuring a smooth and efficient on-boarding process.”
Michael Smith is the Chief Operating Officer and Will Bailey is the Head of Product at InvestCloud.
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