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2nd wave of Cyber Security Audits for Investment Advisors and Broker Dealer is coming!

This is the 2nd wave of communication from the SEC in the past 2 years to focus on the importance of securing a client’s data both internally to your organization and externally with partners and technology service providers, specifically cloud based applications. Investment advisors need to understand that while a decline in portfolio performance may result in the loss of a few relationships, a breach of client data could be much more severe, risking very serious damage to the firm’s reputation.

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How can advisors manage or keep funds from generational transfers?

In a recent post, we argued that technology’s effect on the delivery of wealth management advice has reached a tipping point. One of the 3 drivers that we discussed was the growing momentum in the adoption of cloud-based applications. The second driver was the ability of platforms like InvestCloud’s to offer fast, low-cost applet creation so that more business processes can move into the cloud. Lastly, the third factor we raised, was the massive intergenerational asset shift that will be cresting over the next several years. While the “Great Transfer” from the WW2 Generation to their Boomer heirs is still going on, it will soon be eclipsed by an even larger transfer wave from the Boomers to their millennial heirs. According to Accenture, this wave is starting now and will continue for the next 30+ years. With that, we will then have transferred more than $30 trillion in assets, which will be almost 3 times the amount that is currently moving to the Boomer generation.

Fintech Finance – This party is not like 1999

The tech bubble of 1998-2000 proved how fantastically inflated valuations can become, and history may drive concern on the start-up landscape today. However, revenue and earnings evaluations are a significant difference between these two periods. “Counting eyeballs” is a term coined by advertisers to determine how many people will see an ad in a given location. A large portion of the money raised during the tech bubble was driven by the potential to sell eyeballs.  Companies saw their valuations increase, not only pre-profit, but also pre-revenue. Taking a closer look, this is no longer the case today.

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InvestCloud cScore Drill-down: Dynamic Content & Blogging

Do you know how to score your dynamic content and blogging?

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Leverage – The Art of Software Generation

InvestCloud provide massive leverage in several aspects in the creation of applications, but also ensure avoidance of the 5 classic issues (outlined below).

  • Classic Issue #1: Technical programmers who can write scalable code often do not  understand the business.
  • Classic Issue #2: Business analysts are not technical programmers (which handle technical issues such as scalability).
  • Classic Issue #3: Business analysts and programmers are not graphic designers..
  • Classic Issue #4: Graphic designers typically don’t understand the business and are not technical enough.
  • Classic Issue #5: Business users cannot see or use anything until the project is at least in Beta.  The amount of programming required to actually see something is typically significant and takes months.

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John Wise is a founding partner and CEO of InvestCloud, and is a serial entrepreneur.  In his role, John is focused on product design and promotion of the world’s first investment management platform in the cloud.  John was the founder of the most successful data warehouse company to the financial asset services firms to date.  

InvestCloud’s CEO John Wise, previous founder of Netik, speaks on Lessons Learned

I recently interviewed our CEO John Wise about his lessons learned from the industry and how they drove many concepts that are alive and relevant in InvestCloud today.

John Wise founded, along with his team, several financial companies:

• EBS (now Temenos),

• Synergo Technology Ltd,

• TCA Syntec Ltd (now ADP Broadridge),

• Netik (sold to Bank of New York, now CoreOne /VistaOne).

John Wise is a founding partner and CEO of InvestCloud, and is a serial entrepreneur. In his role, John is focused on product design and promotion of the world’s first investment management platform in cloud. John was the founder of the most successful data warehouse company to the financial asset services to-date.

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Accounting and Data Warehousing: Common misconception

There is a common misconception between the need to “update your accounting engine” and “create an holistic investment platform”.

However, today the focus driving a platform design/selection should not be on individual components, such as the accounting engine, but should instead focus on the larger and more important question what the holistic investment platform needs to achieve …