Leverage – The Art of Software Generation

InvestCloud provide massive leverage in several aspects in the creation of applications, but also ensure avoidance of the 5 classic issues (outlined below).

  • Classic Issue #1: Technical programmers who can write scalable code often do not  understand the business.
  • Classic Issue #2: Business analysts are not technical programmers (which handle technical issues such as scalability).
  • Classic Issue #3: Business analysts and programmers are not graphic designers..
  • Classic Issue #4: Graphic designers typically don’t understand the business and are not technical enough.
  • Classic Issue #5: Business users cannot see or use anything until the project is at least in Beta.  The amount of programming required to actually see something is typically significant and takes months.

Read more from InvestCloud’s CEO John Wise by clicking on link: http://investcloudsolutions.blogspot.com/2013/04/investcloud-white-paper-leverage-art-of.html

John Wise is a founding partner and CEO of InvestCloud, and is a serial entrepreneur.  In his role, John is focused on product design and promotion of the world’s first investment management platform in the cloud.  John was the founder of the most successful data warehouse company to the financial asset services firms to date.  

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