Digital Experience and Client Portal

The digitalization of wealth management is drastically changing the industry. It’s creating opportunities that were not possible just a few years ago. Studies show that only 25% of Wealth Managers have taken the first steps towards true digitalization.  Since you’re reading this, I can bet you’re a part of the 25%, or recognize that if you don’t evolve quickly you’ll miss a massive opportunity to better engage, retain and obtain clients.

There are four key pillars needed to achieve true digitalization:

  1. Holistic Data Integration
  2. Digital Data Warehousing
  3. Flexible Data Visualization
  4. Hyper Personalization.

InvestCloud was built around these Four Pillars.

  1. Holistic Data Integration:

Our patented Common Interface is how we’ve built integration with over 30 of the top accounting platforms.  We are pre-wired into over 1400 different financial institutions!

  1. Digital Data Warehousing:

Digital data warehousing allows for structured AND unstructured content to all be in a single Primary Location of Access, Control, and Entry (PLACE).

  1. Flexible Data Visualization.

Now your experience with technology is one of pain and agony…massive overhauls, years to implement and NEVER within budget.  I know that’s your experience, and I also know it’s the experience of everyone else.  At InvestCloud, we do it differently.

We take a fundamentally different approach, with the mission to eliminate programming.  Our handful of developers created Programs Writing Programs (PWP).  PWP is a code generator.  Last year we did 299 client deployments! That’s more than one per business day! The experience is also different in that you select the functionality you need.  We have over 150 pre-built Apps that you can choose from, and then our team of Business Analysts and Designers work with you to configure the digital experience unique to you.  Not one of our 660 clients have the same digital experience. Some examples of our most popular apps include client portals, advisor portals, client communication, client reporting, and financial mobility.

These First Three Pillars: Holistic Data Integration, Digital Data Warehousing, and Flexible Data Visualization are the key to Digital Client Automation.  That’s Digital Automation of Client Engagement, Client Reporting, Client Communication, and Client Management.

  1. Digital Experience

The Fourth Pillar is really about the Digital Experience and Hyper-Personalization.  In order to provide the service clients want and expect, you must have a digital experience that is:

  • Intuitive – it shouldn’t need a manual.
  • It must be Individual – your clients are not all the same, and the digital experience needs to fit each separate user. InvestCloud allows you to create Personas for the different user experiences you need.
  • Finally, it must be Involved.  InvestCloud allows you to pull in news and curated content.

Hyper-personalization is about having a Digital Experience that is Intuitive. Individual. And Involved. Hyper-personalization yields unprecedented levels of client loyalty and happiness, and long-term cost savings by enabling sustainable customization across your entire organization.

With These Four Pillars, you have Digital Client Automation, a Digital Experience, and Digital Client Automation that make you and your firm a Digital Differentiator.  From the largest bank in America to the Marquee Consulting firm in the world, InvestCloud is the premier choice to provide differentiating digital experiences.

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