Fund Admin: the Zoo of Data & the Data Science Solution

The business of data has expanded significantly over the last few decades, and the collection and analysis of various data types has grown massively.  In the mainstream, for example, social media and news stream data is collected and analyzed to provide social behavior insights.  Within the realm of financial services, data has traditionally been limited to the public market variety, but data now often expands beyond information available in the public markets and reaches into the private markets.

Merging together public data and statistics with privately acquired, non-standard metrics complicates requirements for quality data analytics.  Not only does the method of data acquisition change, but it is also increasingly difficult to ensure the quality of the data gathered.  Data quality directly drives reporting quality and, ultimately, the reliability of decision-making tools that rely on reported data.

Such methodologies typically require human intervention, and fund administrators, both institutional and boutique, have played a critical role in establishing those standards.  However, complexity continues to rise and data quality continues to prove challenging. Service providers often need to navigate multiple sources to capture different data types, ranging from document management systems to accounting platforms, and from performance platforms to research and CRM systems.  This typically results in stitching together data using Excel, as well as employing manual workflows that are failure-prone, which ultimately leads to unnecessary re-work and higher costs. This is getting increasingly difficult because the mass affluence are becoming more mobile so financial mobility and client portals are becoming even more important.

Particularly within the alternative investment space, asset administrators need better technology to address these pain points.  InvestCloud Purple helps administrators drive up revenue and reduce operational costs.  Leveraging InvestCloud’s Digital Warehouse, Purple allows structured and unstructured data to live side by side, eliminating the need to go to multiple systems to grab all relevant information.  InvestCloud’s Digital App Store provides a hyper-modular approach, enabling clients to create unique digital experiences on a first-class, integrated digital platform through the cloud, distinguishing their services from other providers in the space.  Moreover, InvestCloud’s patented Tree technology used in Purple provides administrators with a powerful performance measurement and client reporting tool, allowing end clients to each have their own performance consolidation definitions and optionally unique security masters that they can view in a customized client portal, allowing for financial mobility.

Using InvestCloud Purple tools such as InvestCloud’s Error Shield Protection and Maker, Checker and Authorizer workflow, alternative asset administrators can harness operational efficiencies through streamlined processes.  With quality data, enriched from multiple sources, InvestCloud’s Digital App Store provides tools, such as Fee and Expense Look-through analyses, a Liquidity Management module and flexible dashboard reporting on an interactive reporting canvas.  Ultimately, InvestCloud provides powerful views of information for better decision-making.

To find out how we do this and how to leverage InvestCloud to improve your business, call us at +1 (888) 800-0188 or visit us at  Bring your business to the forefront of the Digital Revolution.

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